V Comb Electronic Head Anti Lice Removal Machine Anti Lice Machine V - comb Head Lice Electronic

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V Comb Electronic Head Anti Lice Removal Machine Anti Lice Machine V - comb Head Lice Electronic
Product description
Product details:
  • Chemical-free and pesticide-free, natural lice treatment for the whole family. The v-comb is a natural lice comb and fda registered device, which instantly vacuums head lice and eggs (nits) including super lice
  • Lice comb for your family. From early lice detection to regular check ups for head lice, the v-comb is the most technologically advance natural lice comb on the market
  • Easy to use: all lice and eggs captured in the disposable capture filter, which allows secure and eek-free disposable. 1 capture filters come in the box
  • Smooth and gentle on scalp. Rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angles as well as a compact and ergonomic.

    How to operate use:

    • In the very first step, you have to change the angle of the combing by holding and pushing down both the knobs on the sides of the combing unit. After that, you have to adjust teeth angle. Now, release both the side knobs to secure the combing unit in one place. You can adjust the combing head in two different positions as straight position and racking position. Please use the one position that suits best you.
    • Please try to ensure that hair should be well-cleaned, conditioned and dry. As this unit works best in dry hair, so dry hair is necessary. It is generally advisable to thoroughly brush the hair in order to remove any type of knots or entanglements.
    • In the next step, you have to make different sections of the hair by using the hair clips. Try to use the V-comb on one section thoroughly at one time.
    • In the next step, you have to switch on the unit to start the hair treatment.
    • In order to get the best results, it is recommended to always start first from the nape of the neckline and then you can work your up on the rest of the hair.
    • Please try to hold the V-comb unit right way up all the time during treatment.
    • During treatment, focus on each small section and try to comb through all sections of the hair right from the root to tip ensuring using the unit as close as possible to the scalp.
    • Try to comb each section of hair in different directions as left, right, top and bottom. Now repeat this cycle through each section several times in each section of the hair.
    • Now repeat this procedure to the next section and so on.
    • The LED light of the filter unit will help you to determine the trapped lice and its eggs during the treatment.
    • You can use the V-comb head as long as you desire. But, don’t stretch the wire too much otherwise the adapter can be pulled out from the electrical source.
    • When you’ve finished, remove the filter and close the filter with the lid provided in the filter pack and disposed the filter to a safer place.
    • Please don’t use the used filter again as it is not recommended. Try to remove the used filter as soon as possible before and after the use of the V-comb. You can also get the replacement filters, if required.
    • Now, you have to manually clean the combing brush of the unit with the help of the brush provided with the package. The brush is very handy to clean all the remnants of head lice and its eggs that may be trapped between the teeth of the comb. You can also use any quality anti-septic solution such as dettol. Please do not forget to wipe the teeth of the comb using the anti-septic solution.
    • You have successfully operated the V-comb.

    Additional features :

    • High quality Anti-lice machine that eliminated head lice and its eggs
    • Chemical free treatment
    • Disposable head lice filter
    • Modern and ergonomic device
    • A revolutionary device that uses the vacuum to remove the head lice
    • Smart, compact and sleek design
    • Highest quality stainless steel combing unit with adjustable angles
    • Filter unit is illuminated by beautiful LED
    • As easy as combing
    • No use of any pesticides
    • Easy to use
    • Comes with 4 disposable filters
    • Smooth and gentle treatment
    • Runs on AC power source
    • Equally suitable for men, women and children


    • Product Description: Vacuum powered head lice machine
    • Power Adapter Input Rating: 240V Volts, 50 Hertz
    • Power Adapter Output Rating: 24 V, DC 1 ampere
    • Suitable operating Temperature: 5˚C – 40˚C
    • Suitable Storage Temperature: -25˚C – 70˚C
    • Net Weight: 0.35 Kilograms

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Combing Head
    • 1 x Main Body
    • 1 x Filter Unit
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 4 x Disposable Capture Filters
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
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